Holdrege, Nebraska
September 2, 2014 – 9:00 AM

1. Open Meetings Act

2. Roll Call

3. Public Input

4. Consent Agenda

  • Approval of Minutes of Regular Business Meeting of the Board of Directors held August 4, 2014
  • Approval of Minutes of Committee Meeting of the Board of Directors held August 22, 2014
  • Approval of the September Disbursements:

Hydro Division:
Check #s 47220 through 47413 and 8800408 through 8800413 (Accounts Payable)
Check #s 9910029 through 9910134 and 9824 through 9831 (Payroll)



Kingsley Division:

Check #s 2698 through 2704 (Accounts Payable)


J-2 Regulating Reservoir Construction Fund:

Check #s 1054 through 1058 (Accounts Payable)


Glendo Division:

Check #NONE


Flex Spending Account:

Check #s 6878 through 6883


  • Approval of Changes to Agricultural Lease Rental Rates for 2015-2017 as follows:
    Property Type# of AcresImpacted2011-2014Rental RatesProposed2015-2017Rental Rates
    Irrigated – Gravity1.3$85/Acre$120/Acre
    Irrigated – Pivot48.8$85/Acre$170/Acre
  • Approval of Agricultural Lease with Brian Mathewson of Maxwell, NE for dryland farm ground in Lincoln County, and to terminate lease with previous tenant, Randall King
  • Approval of Robert Renken’s request to terminate grassland lease of 1.77 acres in Gosper County (will continue leasing 0.8 acre section)
  • Approval of Changes to the Advertising Sign and House Rental Rates for 2015-2017:
Recommended Rental Rates January 1, 2015 through December 31, 2017
Advertising Signs2011-2014 Rates2015-2017ProposedRatesPayment Schedule
Sign – Large$175No ChangeAnnual
Sign – Small$100No ChangeAnnual
Houses & GarageTenant2011-2014Rates2015-2017ProposedRatesTermNotes
J-1-1Non-District$380$405aMonthlya denotes a 2% / Year Increase from 2011
Diversion- 1Retired District Employee$264No ChangeMonthly80% of $330
Kingsley – 1District Employee$138No ChangeMonthly40% of $345
Kingsley – 2Vacant
Kingsley – 3District Employee$138No ChangeMonthly40% of $345
  • Approval of Closure of Contract No. 0-655.1 – Kroy Industries, Inc. – On June 2, 2014, Contract No. 0-65501 was awarded to Kroy Industries, Inc. for 1,440 feet of 24” PVC pipe, for a total contract cost of $33,496.99. All material has been delivered, inspected and found to be satisfactory. Payment shall be made in the amount of $33,496.99 and the contract shall be closed.
  • Approval of 2014 Budget Amendment – Reallocate a portion of the expense from Administration to the Hydro and Irrigation Public Relations budgets by $17,500.00 each and increase the budget by $5,000.00 for the customer survey prepared by Snitily Carr, for a net change of $5,000.0
  • Resolution No. 14-01

2015 Irrigation Season

WHEREAS the drought and groundwater development have depleted the water supply in Lake McConaughy; and

WHEREAS Central District staff has provided information to the Board which indicates that the following irrigation schedule is feasible for 2015:

Irrigation deliveries would begin on June 8th and end on August 31st. Irrigation service may be available prior to June 8th subject to the availability of natural flow and storage water and the schedule for filling the canals and laterals and any such deliveries shall count toward the annual delivery allocation. Deliveries will occur in a 12 week or 8 week season. The 12 week season will occur in 6 two-week runs at a rate of .066 acre-feet per acre first run and .187 acre-feet for per acre for the following 5 runs or occur in 12 one-week runs at a rate of .033 acre-feet per acre for the first 2 runs and .094 acre-feet for per acre for the following 10 runs. The 8 week season will begin July 6th and end on August 31st. The 8 week season will occur in 4 two-week runs at a rate of .25 acre-feet per acre or occur in 8 one-week runs at a rate of .125 acre-feet per acre for all customers except those receiving service from the supply canal. All delivery volumes, including service from the supply canal, would be limited to 1.0 acre-feet per acre or 12 inches per acre; and

WHEREAS due to drought conditions, the Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District Board of Directors anticipates that no extra storage water will be available for any entity that depends on Lake McConaughy for its water supply.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED; the Board of Directors finds that there is a sufficient supply of water available in Lake McConaughy for irrigation in 2015 and approves delivery in accordance with the above description.

5. Water Conveyance Permits

6. Acquisition Contract – Nebraska Department of Roads – Garfield Street East Project

7. Southwest Power Pool Membership

8. J-2 Regulating Reservoir

9. Personnel

10. Legislation

11. Director’s Attendance

12. Board Comments

13. Operations Report

14. Committee Meeting of the Board September 26, 2014