Wildlife Habitat

Central's project provides habitat for many species of fish and wildlife. Central has taken an active role in creating and preserving wildlife habitat in the Platte River valley. Some of these measures include

  • Releases from Lake McConaughy and return flows from irrigation protect fish habitat in the Platte River and all of Central's lakes and the canal system provide habitat for fish and other wildlife. Some of the most diverse and highest population of mollusks in Nebraska can be found in Central waters.
  • Strict measures undertaken by Central protect the nesting areas of endangered least terns and piping plovers at Lake McConaughy and Central monitored sandpits along the Platte River.
  • Central manages habitat on the Platte River's Jeffrey Island between Overton and Lexington for a wide variety of wildlife including cranes, terns, plovers and waterfowl.
  • Central played an important role in habitat improvements at the Funk Waterfowl Production Area. The enhancements resulted in a dramatic increase in the number of waterfowl stopping at the lagoon during the migratory season