The Central Nebraska Public Power & Irrigation District, headquartered in Holdrege, is governed by a 12-member board elected from six counties. Central operates two major divisions: Irrigation and Hydro, with administrative headquarters in Holdrege. The hydroelectric facilities are licensed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Lake McConaughy, formed by Kingsley Dam, is Central’s main reservoir, the largest in Nebraska. Water flows through Lake Ogallala, NPPD’s Keystone Diversion Dam, and Central’s Diversion Dam, serving over 108,000 acres in five counties. The system includes 500+ miles of canals, delivering water to three main irrigation canals.

Elwood Reservoir supplements the E65 canal system, adding 40,000 acre-feet capacity. Offices in Holdrege and Minden maintain Phelps Canal, serving 57,200 acres. The system also recharges the Ogallala Aquafier in the area covering hundreds of thousands of acres.

The Gothenburg Control Center oversees operations and control structures. The project provides recreational opportunities, managing 26 lakes and contributing to Nebraska’s tourism. Central’s lakes cover 35,688 acres, benefiting recreation and wildlife.