Johnson No. 2 (J-2) Hydroplant Generation Schedule

The information below is intended to advise the public as to when the J-2 Hydroplant on Central’s Supply Canal southeast of Lexington is scheduled to be generating hydroelectric power. This information may be useful to hunters along the Platte River and others who have reasons to be on or near the river channel(s).

When the hydroplant is generating, water is flowing through the plant and continuing down the Supply Canal to the J-2 Return to the Platte River (located about 7 1/2 miles west of the Overton river bridge). The result will be higher flows in the Platte River below the J-2 Return while, and for a period after, the plant is on-line.

The chart below does not predict total flows in the Platte River, only flows through the plant which will add to existing flow in the river. The number of external variables affecting flows in the river preclude accurate prediction of river flows. However, the information may be useful, particularly to waterfowl hunters, because it indicates that higher flows in the river should be expected when the plant is on-line.

These notices will be updated periodically. The schedule may change without prior notice.

Central is required to implement the hydrocycling agreement on Oct 17.  The agreement pertains to operations of the J-2 Hydroplant.  The hydrocycling agreement specifies three levels of operation for J-2: 500 cfs, 1000 cfs, and 1700 cfs.  Increases in flows through the hydroplant can only occur between 5:00 and 10:00 am.