Delivery Location Transfer Policy
October 4, 2004
Revised September 6, 2005
Revised October 1, 2012

This policy will allow surface water deliveries to be transferred for one year from a tract of land to a different tract of land when a normal delivery rate and volume are not available.

The District will change the point of delivery of surface water, upon the request of the landowners of both tracts of land. The point of delivery may be transferred from a tract of land to a different tract of land anywhere within the District, except that transfers of deliveries into the E-65 Canal system may be limited by siphon and pipeline capacity constraints.

The landowners’ request must be on the form provided by the District and attached below. Request forms must be completed and submitted to the District by January 15 of the year in which the transfer is to occur. Requests received after January 15 will be approved only if water delivery scheduling conflicts can be avoided.

Tracts of land to which the water will be applied must have valid surface water use rights and existing contracts with the District.

Water transfers shall be limited such that the total deliveries to a tract after the transfer do not exceed the rate of twenty-eight one-hundredths (0.28) acre foot/irrigated acre/fourteen-day period.

Water transfers for contracts on the Supply Canal shall be limited to the volume specified in the contract.

The responsibility for paying the water service charges specified in the water service agreement will be transferred to the owner of the tract of land receiving the water service.

Delivery Location Transfers shall be binding on the parties upon approval by the Board of Directors of the District.

The District will compile a list of landowners willing to forgo delivery of water to their lands. If a customer wishes to have additional water available to a tract of land, Central will provide that water if available on a “first come – first served” basis in accordance with this policy.

All previous water service charges will be paid prior to a transfer request being granted.