Holdrege, Nebraska
November 3, 2014 – 9:00 AM

1. Open Meetings Act

2. Roll Call

3. Public Input

4. Consent Agenda

  • Approval of Minutes of Regular Business Meeting of the Board of Directors held October 6, 2014
  • Approval of Minutes of Special Meeting of the Board of Directors held October 24, 2014
  • Approval of Minutes of Committee Meeting of the Board of Directors held October 24, 2014
  • Approval of the November Disbursements:

Hydro Division:
Check #s 47634 through 47839 and 8800420 through 8800425 (Accounts Payable)
Check #s 9910238 through 9910339 (Payroll)



Kingsley Division:

Check #s 2708 through 2710 (Accounts Payable)


J-2 Regulating Reservoir Construction Fund:

Check #s 1066 through 1077 and 8800001 through 8800002 (Accounts Payable)


Glendo Division:

Check #NONE


Flex Spending Account:

Check #s 6892 through 6899


  • Approval of Lease Purchase Agreement with Caterpillar Financial Services Corporation – Lease purchase of M316D Excavator with a sales price of $196,500.00 minus down payment of $18,000.00 for a total amount financed of $178,750.00 at an interest rate of 2.25%, and a 3-year/3,000 hours full warranty that includes all parts, labor and travel for an additional $1,589.00.
  • Approval of Variance Request-12 South Crappie Corner, Johnson Lake, NE-Mitch and Jackie Berke- Approval of a variance request to allow for the construction of two HVAC units on the area closest to the back lot line, subject to the approval of the neighbors on both sides.
  • Approval of Revisions to the Brian and Dee Isaacson Agricultural Lease as follows: a) For 2014, reduce the rent from $118/acre to $70/ acre on 3.8 acres due to the Hike/Bike Trail expansion, resulting in a rent reduction of $609.56; and b) For 2015, reduce the rent by $2,148.28 due to a reduction in rented land by 10.3 acres due to a calculation error in farmable acres.
  • Approval of Lake Improvement Fund Request in the amount of $12,500.00 for the purchase of four portable water pumps for fire protection

5. Change Order No. 8 to Wayne Dowhower Construction, Inc. Contract– reduction of cost in the amount of $5,000.00

6. Closure of Contract No. 0-642 – Wayne Dowhower Construction, Inc.

7. 2014 Budget Revisions

8. J-2 Regulating Reservoir

9. Personnel

10. Legislation

11. Director’s Attendance

12. Board Comments

13. Operations Report

14. Committee Meeting of the Board November 21, 2014