Permitting Season Updates

As the 2021 permitting season winds down for the land administration team and our customers, the team will be working on conducting final inspections of completed projects.

With the 2022 permitting season coming up, the team would like to remind everyone of the importance of knowing and having marked the lot boundaries, and buildable area or Shoreline and Water Access Facilities (SWAF) placement zone prior to commencing any permitted activity.

This step, along with the required pre-construction meeting helps ensure that projects are constructed in accordance with the District’s permitting procedures and helps avoid costly issues that can result from violations.

If you have questions about allowable construction or the District’s permitting process, please contact the appropriate land administrator listed below.

Employee NameProject subject matterContact Info

Luke Ritz

(Senior Land Administrator)

Land and Shoreline Management Plan;

Permit rules and regulators;

Certified Contractor Program

Lease Questions

Office: (308) 357-3582

Cell: (308) 529-0009

[email protected]

DeAnna Bartruff

(Land Administrator)

Dwelling & Associated Construction Permit POC;

Dredge, Excavate, Fill Permits, Concession Leases;

Residential Lease Questions & Transfers;

Pre-Construction/On-Site Meetings

Office: (308) 995-3563

Cell: (308) 991-5565

[email protected]

Dustin Ehlers

(Land Administrator)

Shoreline & Water Access Facility Permit POC;

Erosion Control Permit POC;

Pre-Construction/On-Site Meetings

Office: (308) 537-3582 x4184

Cell: (308) 991-9778

[email protected]