McConaughy Control Structures Getting Repainted

The Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District’s board of directors recently awarded a bid for repainting the outlet structures at Lake McConaughy to Allen Blasting & Coating of Weaver, Iowa.  The bid for the project came in at just over $1.9 million.  Included in the bid was preparation of all concrete and steel surfaces and painting of the Outlet Tower and the “Morning Glory” spillway.

This marks the first time repainting the outlet structures since 1996.  Currently aqua green in color, the new color choice for the structures will be light grey.

Painting is necessary to prevent rust and to help maintain the structures for the future.  All concrete and steel surfaces will be painted from above elevation 47 feet which is near the bottom of the “Morning Glory” gates.

Sandblasting and painting work occur simultaneously to ensure the best condition to paint the surfaces.

The project began with mobilization by the contractor on July 14 and, depending on the weather and number of days suitable for work, could last until the end of the year.

To facilitate staging, storing and accessing equipment and materials for the project, one lane of Nebraska Highway 61 across Kingsley Dam will be closed for a short stretch near the work site.  Traffic lights are being used to regulate traffic through the work zone.

Central will require the contractor to restore full two lane access over the Labor Day Weekend to help with higher recreational use of the lake.

Standing at 185 ft. tall, the outlet tower is used for normal water releases and can discharge water at a rate of up to 7,000 cubic feet per second (cfs).

The “Morning Glory” spillway, so named because of its appearance from above when passing water, is the flood outlet for the reservoir and only used in the event of very high water levels.

Morning Glory stands 172 feet tall and has a diameter of 101 feet.  Its 12 gates are 16 feet high, 22 wide, 3 feet thick and weigh 20 tons.

One gate of the “Morning Glory” completed with new grey paintStop lights located near construction zone at Kingsley DamHighway 61 crossing Kingsley Dam narrowed to one lane