EAP Exercise Completed at CNPPID Headquarters

Every four years, Central is required to conduct an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) functional exercise to simulate a failure of Kingsley Dam.  Due to the pandemic, the exercise was delayed a year and was held on Oct. 26 at the Holdrege office.

Natural Resource and Compliance Manager Mike Drain coordinated the entire event that featured a tabletop exercise in the morning, then a simulated real-time event in the afternoon.

Around 15 different agencies from Nebraska traveled to Holdrege to take part in the event, including the National Weather Service, Department of Transportation, State Patrol, Nebraska Game & Parks and several Emergency Management departments.

This year’s scenario presented to the participants was an earthquake occurring in western Nebraska that would cause Kingsley Dam to fail.  Participants had to react in real-time, communicating with various agencies to determine plans of action during the emergency.

“I want to thank all Central employees for their help and participation during the exercise,” Drain said. “I felt that it was a huge success and that was due in large part to all of the Central staff.”

Mike Drain addresses the participants prior to the functional exercise portion of the Kingsley Dam Emergency Action Plan event on October 26