CNPPID Contributes to New Fire Tanker

Fire Department Chief Ralph Moul and CNPPID Kinglsey Dam supervisor Nate Nielsen stand in from of the new tanker.

The Keystone-Lemoyne Fire Department recently took possession of a refurbished tanker truck.  This tanker will replace a 2010 tanker.

A portion of the funding for the unit came from The Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District who contributed $10,000 from the Lake Improvement Funds.  Additional funding came from the department’s annual roast beef feed and the Ogallala Fire Protection District.

“This tanker will be in service for many years to come and will allow Keystone-Lemoyne Fire Department to have another all-wheel drive tanker that can get around on the beach and in the sandhills,” KLFD chief Ralph Moul stated.