Several changes to the Permitting Procedures and Fee Schedule were approved by Central’s board of directors at the March meeting.  These changes included modifying the Land Based SWAF side and roadway construction setbacks to provide greater opportunities for tenants.  Fee schedule cost adjustments made were intended to further reduce the frequency of variances and after the fact fees.

Regarding the land-based SWAF setback, the new requirement now reads:

  • The location of Land-Based SWAF will be limited by the SWAF side setback, no closer than ten feet (10’) to the side boundary lines of a leased or subleased lot or privately owned lot, unless written adjacent neighbor and area association approval is obtained.

On the roadway construction amendment, the requirement now reads:

  • Dwellings and related structures and improvements, which in Central’s opinion would create a visual obstruction, shall be located no closer than twenty feet (20’) horizontally from a platted exterior roadway or ten feet (10’) from a platted interior roadway or alley, and  no closer than ten percent (10%) of the lot depth from the lot boundary if not adjacent to a roadway.

(Changes in two requirements noted in bold italic text)

Fee structures were increased slightly for after the fact permits on SWAF, vegetation and additional fees for projects requiring a variance.

The initial variance application fee also saw an increase in cost for filing.