The Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District’s (Central) hydropower generating system is regulated through a 40-year license issued on July 29, 1998 by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).  Central’s FERC License requires Central to acquire and retain sufficient property and/or rights to carry out project purposes as identified in the license.  The geographic extent of the lands determined to be necessary for Central’s hydropower project purposes is what is referred to as the Project Boundary.  Hydropower project purposes include, but are not limited to, operation and maintenance of the reservoirs and supply canal system, adequate recreational use and public access, protection of environmental resources, protection of scenic values, and shoreline control.
Central has conducted preliminary reviews of the lands surrounding Lake McConaughy and its supply canal to identify lands where additional rights might be necessary.  The attached reports and interactive map are preliminary, and the final location of the Project Boundary may change as additional information is obtained.  This public comment portion of the Boundary Review process is the next step in Central’s ongoing efforts to meet FERC’s license requirements and comments submitted will be taken into consideration prior to Central presenting the revised Project Boundary to FERC along with the required documents and maps.
Bear in mind that this review of the Project Boundary does not change or take away a property owner’s existing property rights.  If additional rights are needed by Central as a result of a change in the Project Boundary, Central would still need to contact landowners to discuss what rights, if any, are needed by Central, and the acquisition of any such rights would include appropriate compensation.  Property rights that Central might be required to obtain in the future range from access rights to the right to overflow water onto adjacent land, commonly referred to as flowage rights, and up to and including fee title ownership.


The following three reports were submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) as the Project Boundary review. Click on the links below to read each report.

Supplement to Jeffrey Lake IDF Study

Public Meeting Presentation Slides:

These slides were shown during the presentation given at the public meetings for each individual location. They were used as an outline for the discussion, so they do not contain all information that was given orally at each meeting. The files are also split into segments due to the large file sizes of the photos included.

The following interactive map depicts the location of the current Project Boundary and the proposed Project Boundary revision.

The map and associated data are approximate and not to be used for legal documents. Central makes no warranties, either expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness, reliability, or suitability of the information for any particular use. Upon completion of the Project Boundary review process, Central will submit Exhibit G maps as required by FERC which will represent the official location of the Project Boundary.

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