State Senators Visit Central Facilities During Tour of Perkins County Canal Project

Central has been a major stakeholder in promoting the “Perkins County Canal” project which will help secure Nebraska’s full entitlement to the flows of the South Platte River from the state of Colorado.  The South Platte Compact was signed in 1923 and establishes a right to 500 cfs of flow during the non-irrigation season (Oct. 15-Apr. 1) if the canal is built.

This year Central has welcomed Governor Pillen and members of the state legislature during numerous tours to showcase and discuss the importance of the project to the state of Nebraska.  During the 2023 session, the legislature passed the budget which appropriated $574.5 million to the project fund.

Every drop of water that is able to be captured by the new reservoirs in the Perkins Canal project and delivered for irrigation customers is one less drop that must come from Lake McConaughy.

Governor Pillen was among a large group of state legislators and stakeholders that have visited the facilities at Lake McConaughyState senators pose for a photo opportunity on the outlet structures at Lake McConaughyGeneral Manager Devin Brundage visits with state senators at the Central diversion dam.