Kingsley Dam Maintenance Could Begin this Fall

Kingsley Dam

A maintenance project on the protective facing of Kingsley Dam is moving forward after Central received reports from a consulting firm.

Areas of the dam’s slope protection sustained riprap and filter blanket damage during the winter of 2021-22 from wind-driven wave action.

Central retained RJH Consultants to evaluate the issue and develop alternatives for temporary and permanent methods of repairing the dam’s protective materials.  Temporary repairs could begin this fall to 12 areas of primary concern and another ten areas with lower levels of damage.  The damaged areas are currently located at water levels at or above 3,240 feet.

The temporary repairs should allow short term storage above the damaged areas elevation, but permanent repairs will be required in the near future, with construction possibly commencing in 2024 or 2025. Those permanent repairs could entail an engineered replacement of much of the dam’s protective face.

Central’s board is discussing potential financial tools that might be considered for financing the permanent repairs depending on the costs, in order to maintain adequate operational and reserve funds.