Johnson Lake Common Area Opportunities

The land administration team at Central continues to have discussions with JLDI and area associations in looking at potential options for uses of common areas or “open spaces” at Johnson Lake, as we continue to work with folks on numerous violations and unauthorized projects in these areas.

According to Central’s Land and Shoreline Management plan, other areas with the “A” classification are lands adjacent to intensively developed areas as support areas for roads, temporary parking and limited seasonal storage of water access equipment.  These areas generally don’t support public recreational activities due to their separation from project water bodies and development near the shoreline.  Central may allow lake associations and/or other community based groups to manage and care for the common areas under permits they would issue.

Central staff have developed a management option for area associations to consider moving forward.  It is important to note that this option may not be feasible in certain areas due to numerous factors such as limited space and utility easements.

> Option 1 | Area Association Management Agreements:

Area associations have the ability to manage or improve the common areas through permits issued through Central.  This process involves the area association submitting a plan for review that takes a unified approach to managing the common area and then working through the permitting process with staff.  Plans could include roads, improved temporary parking, community garden, drainage plans, vegetation planting and removal plans or seasonal storage considerations.  Issued permits would make the area association responsible for maintenance of the common area, including mowing.

> Option 2 | Historic Use of Common Area:

This option would be to continue to use the common areas in accordance with the Land and Shoreline Management Plan and the District’s Permitting Procedures. This option would not allow for new uses in the common area.