2024 Permitting Season, Setbacks and Inspections

With the 2024 permitting season already in full swing, the land administration team at Central Nebraska Public Power & Irrigation District would like to remind everyone of the importance of knowing and having marked the lot boundaries and buildable area or Shoreline and Water Access Facilities (SWAF) placement zone prior to commencing on any permitted activity.

This step, along with the required pre-construction meeting helps ensure that projects are constructed in accordance with Central’s permitting procedures and helps avoid costly issues that can result from violations.

Expect Inspections

Throughout the year, the land administration is responsible for ensuring users and projects on Central’s land and waters are done in accordance within the requirements of the Land and Shoreline Management Plan, the District’s Permitting Procedures, leases and other contractual agreements.  One of the ways in which this is accomplished is through routine site visits and inspections.

If you have any questions about allowable construction or Central’s permitting process, please contact any of the land administration team members.